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There might be a syntax error in the 'nethasp.ini' file, in line NN.
Please send us the 'nethasp.ini' file you use, on your client computer, so we can test it in our labs.

In Molecular Conceptor version 2.11 or higher, we added a feature which allows you to limit the time that an inactive network user (one that has forgotten to log out, or that his connection ended), takes up a user space.


On the client station:

1. Locate "mc2.exe.config" file, it should be in the same folder as "mc2.exe" file.
The default file location is:
C:\Program Files\synergix\mc2\mc2.exe
C:\Program Files\synergix\mc2\mc2.exe.config

2.1. Edit "mc2.exe.config" file, using Notepad, or another simple Text Editor, Do not use MS-WORD!
add the line:

    <add key="NIT" value="30" />

This line adds a parameter to set the NetHASP Idle Time (NIT) in minutes, You can set there any value between 1 and 65535.

Before the change:

    . . .
    <add key="" value="2.13" />
    <add key="voice" value="on" />    
    . . .

After the change:

    . . .
    <add key="" value="2.13" />
    <add key="NIT" value="30" />
    <add key="voice" value="on" />    
    . . .

2.2 Save the config file. (Vista users: You might not have permission to edit a file in "Program Files" folder. You need to copy it to another folder, edit, and save back to the original folder)

3. Activate Molecular Conceptor. To see the difference, open Aladdin Monitor utility and monitor the "Timeout" field in the License Manager login table. ( see screenshot )

Note: the next time you update Molecular Conceptor (e.g. to mc2.14) the config file is overwritten. The old file will be saved in a backup folder. And you might need to edit the new file again.

An alternative solution is to close the License Manager periodically (and re-activate it, to enable new users to log-in). If a user was logged-in you will be informed so you can regret the closing. Please consult Molecular Conceptor Administrator Guide for instruction for closing the License Manager.

An old version of the License Manager has been found. Molecular Conceptor requires a newer version of the License Manager to be installed. (8.20 or higher) Please ask your system administrator to upgrade the installed LM.
You can download the latest from Aladdin site -

There could be three reasons for error 129:

  1. The (red) NetHASP key was not connected to the workstation that runs the NetHASP License Manager.
    In this case, connect the NetHASP key to the workstation that runs the NetHASP License Manager.
  2. On your network, there is another NetHASP License Manager running for another NetHASP key (a key of another company), You can verify that this is the case using the Aladdin Monitor Utility (Please consult the "Molecular Conceptor - Administrator Guide").
    In this case there are two solutions:
    1. Connect Molecular Conceptor NetHASP key to the same computer of the other NetHASP key, so that one License Manager will serve both keys.
    2. On each client machine, customize the nethasp.ini file by setting the IP address of the License Manager Server of Molecular Conceptor key.
      The nethasp.ini file default location is:
      'c:\program Files\synergix\mc2\nethasp.ini'
  3. The HASP driver was not installed on the License Manager server. To install the HASP driver:
    1. Run Molecular Conceptor setup.
    2. On the Select Components screen:
      • Choose Custom Installation: Network version.
      • You might be prompted that some components are already installed on this computer, select continue anyway? Yes.
    3. On the Select Additional Tasks screen:
      • Check the HASP Driver option.
      • Uncheck all other options.
    4. You might be asked to reboot the computer.

There could be two reasons for error 15:

1. The NetHASP License Manager is not running on the computer with the (red) NetHASP key.
Solution: You can install the NetHASP License Manager from Molecular Conceptor CD, when choosing "Network installation"

2. The NetHASP License Manager is running on the computer with the NetHASP key, but other computer stations cannot connect to the License Manager station (because of a firewall or other port restrictions)
Solution: To ensure that your client machines are connected to the License Manager machine:
2.1. On a client machine open a DOS command window:
In Windows 'Start' menu, Select 'Run...'
Click 'OK'
A command window will open.
2.2. In the command window, type -
telnet <IP of License Manager station> <port number>
For example
telnet 475
and press the <Enter> key.
2.3. If the client machine recognizes the License Manager machine, your command window will turn to black telnet window (you can use <Ctrl+c> to exit and get back the command window). But if there is no connection to the License Manager machine through this port, you will get an error message "Could not open connection to the host on port ...". In such a case you need your system administrator to enable the connection between the clients stations and the License Manager station.

You would rather use a special network version of Molecular Conceptor™ application, with one Net-HASP key for all the users.
For further information, please consult our support team.

Yes. There are two possibilities:
  • Install Molecular Conceptor™ application on a remote computer. Each of the "client computers" should have its own HASP key and HASP driver. The drawback is slow performance.
  • Install a special network version of Molecular Conceptor™ application, with one Net-HASP key for all the users. By connecting a single Net-HASP key to any computer at the network, it controls the number of stations that use the application simultaneously.

For further information, please consult our support team.