Error Message "Login Process failed, Status:15, Error:0"

There could be two reasons for error 15:

1. The NetHASP License Manager is not running on the computer with the (red) NetHASP key.
Solution: You can install the NetHASP License Manager from Molecular Conceptor CD, when choosing "Network installation"

2. The NetHASP License Manager is running on the computer with the NetHASP key, but other computer stations cannot connect to the License Manager station (because of a firewall or other port restrictions)
Solution: To ensure that your client machines are connected to the License Manager machine:
2.1. On a client machine open a DOS command window:
In Windows 'Start' menu, Select 'Run...'
Click 'OK'
A command window will open.
2.2. In the command window, type -
telnet <IP of License Manager station> <port number>
For example
telnet 475
and press the <Enter> key.
2.3. If the client machine recognizes the License Manager machine, your command window will turn to black telnet window (you can use <Ctrl+c> to exit and get back the command window). But if there is no connection to the License Manager machine through this port, you will get an error message "Could not open connection to the host on port ...". In such a case you need your system administrator to enable the connection between the clients stations and the License Manager station.