Error Message "Login Process failed, Status:129"

There could be three reasons for error 129:

  1. The (red) NetHASP key was not connected to the workstation that runs the NetHASP License Manager.
    In this case, connect the NetHASP key to the workstation that runs the NetHASP License Manager.
  2. On your network, there is another NetHASP License Manager running for another NetHASP key (a key of another company), You can verify that this is the case using the Aladdin Monitor Utility (Please consult the "Molecular Conceptor - Administrator Guide").
    In this case there are two solutions:
    1. Connect Molecular Conceptor NetHASP key to the same computer of the other NetHASP key, so that one License Manager will serve both keys.
    2. On each client machine, customize the nethasp.ini file by setting the IP address of the License Manager Server of Molecular Conceptor key.
      The nethasp.ini file default location is:
      'c:\program Files\synergix\mc2\nethasp.ini'
  3. The HASP driver was not installed on the License Manager server. To install the HASP driver:
    1. Run Molecular Conceptor setup.
    2. On the Select Components screen:
      • Choose Custom Installation: Network version.
      • You might be prompted that some components are already installed on this computer, select continue anyway? Yes.
    3. On the Select Additional Tasks screen:
      • Check the HASP Driver option.
      • Uncheck all other options.
    4. You might be asked to reboot the computer.