"System.ArgumentException: Invalid site ..." "System.Xml.Xsl.XsltException: No stylesheet was loaded ..."

There could be two reasons for getting these errors when starting Molecular Conceptor:

1. The user tried to run Molecular Conceptor (Demo or Evaluation version) from the internet, without first saving the file to a local file.

Solution: Save the 'mc2_demo.exe'\'mc2_eval.exe' file to your local machine and activate it from there. There is a security policy that restricts the permissions to run non-local code.

2. (Windows 2003) The user tried to run Molecular Conceptor from a mapped drive.

Solution 1: Use a local copy of Molecular Conceptor files.

Solution 2: Use Molecular Conceptor from another share name.
A name without special signs that may cause the problem. (e.g.: '$', '@', ...)