"HASP key not detected...".

The HASP protection key has to be in the computer port during the run of Molecular Conceptorâ„¢. If it is not recognized, the program prompts with "HASP key not detected".

* If the key is not already in the computer port - insert it.
* If the key was already attached - un-plug it and insert it again. (It could happen if the key was inserted before the installation program).

NOTE: (for Windows NT4) If you installed a USB key to a computer running NT4 operating system, the problems would continue because your operating system does not support USB protocol. In this case you should contact us to receive a parrallel port HASP key.
Available HASP keys:

* for Windows NT : only parralel
* for Windows 98 : USB or parallel
* for Windows Me : USB or parallel
* for Windows 2000: USB or parallel
* for Windows XP : USB or parallel