This page addresses frequently asked questions related to the running, licensing and usage of the Molecular Conceptor Learning Series.


Who writes the Molecular Conceptor Learning Series?
The content of the Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is written by a number of worldwide experts in their fields. Each chapter is based on the most current, up-to-date research, knowledge and information provided by a leading expert in the subject. The information is subsequently collated, linked and presented in a user-friendly format by the Synergix team.


How often is the Series updated?
On average we release three updates per year. Updates include addition of new content (in the region of 500 pages per year) and introduction of new features as a constant endeavour to upgrade the learning process.


If I buy a license will I receive technical support?
Of course! We go the extra mile to provide complete technical support - we are available to answer all of your technical questions at no extra cost.


Can the program run on MAC or Linux?
The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is currently available on Windows platform only but the Mac- and Linux-friendly versions are in development.


Each module is made up of about 2000 slides - is it possible for me to order them in a different arrangement?
Of course. The program contains a "Bookmark" tool which allows you to create a file of a specific set of slides and arrange them in the order in which you want them to be viewed. This is particularly useful if a teacher is giving a lecture or a series of lectures; the bookmark tool enables him to select the slides, he wants to include in the lecture, put them in the desired order and even print them off as hand-outs for the students.


Can a bookmark be transferred from one person to another?
Yes. The software creates a file containing all bookmark data. These files can be copied and transferred to a file on another PC which will allow you to access the bookmark on the second PC when you open the program.


I research in the field of Molecular Docking and use a software that you have not mentioned in the "Docking Softwares" section. Is there anyway that I can add to this chapter?
The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is an extremely dynamic software and we welcome your contribution to the content. If you have something to add or would like to give us your feedback or comments on particular pages then please feel free to contact us. We have even designed a functionality within the software to help you do so!


I have bought a standalone hardware license and installed the software on my office computer. I would like to use it on my home computer too - is this possible?
No problem. A standalone hardware license enables you to install the software on any number of computers - all you need to do is to transfer the HASP key to the computer on which you are working to allow activation of the software.


Can the software be loaded onto the local network?
Definitely! In fact one of our main licenses is a network license which enables multiple-users to access the software concurrently.


If I purchase a 50-user network do I have to install the software on every computer?
Not necessarily - that is the beauty of the network license. The program can be installed by remote running where it needs only be installed on a file server. The advantage of this is that the software does not need to be installed on each client workstation and therefore takes up no memory space on each client for the installation.