The rational drug design approach to drug discovery has increased considerably in the last decade. It is dependent on a multidisciplinary team that works as an integrated unit. Recent years have seen an increase in the complexity of drug discovery research and a constant rise in new technologies and methods used by a drug discovery team. Consequently, medicinal chemists have been forced to increase their knowledge base extensively and currently face a steep learning curve.

Drug Design eLearning

The "Molecular Conceptor Learning Series" is an innovative, computer-based learning solution that aims to bring together, in a ready-digested format, knowledge of medicinal chemistry, drug design, cheminformatics, structural bioinformatics and molecular modeling, necessary to the skills, techniques and approaches used by a drug discovery team as a whole. It provides all the information needed by the medicinal chemist to allow him to analyze, understand and make informed decisions concerning the design of a drug, thus enabling them to contribute effectively to the drug discovery process.
The Learning Series comprises five computer-based learning modules each of which, are designed to give students and professionals in the drug discovery field the comprehensive training necessary to face even the toughest drug design challenges.

Drug Discovery Modules

Every module of the Learning Series presents a variety of drug discovery-related topics by starting from basic principles and expanding to more in-depth detail. Using interactive 3D technology, practical examples and many case studies, the concepts, methodologies and techniques used in drug discovery are brought to life.

Molecular Conceptor is currently used by more than 450 academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.