Molecular Conceptor 2009 Survey

Molecular Conceptor 2009 Survey ended and our team is now learning the results.

Bellow you can see some of the answers we received -

Our clients use Molecular Conceptor for vary tasks -

Survey 2009 - 4

but they use it in similar ways -

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Survey 2009 - 11
"[The 3D feature] is probably one of the more beneficial features to students, since it allows them the ability to see molecules in 3D, especially those bound to target molecules."

We were glad to see that your general opinion of Molecular Conceptor is highly positive -

Survey 2009 - 24

Here are some of the advantages you mentioned -

Survey 2009 - 25
"To study medicinal chemistry in a very easy and modern style."

"nice presentation"

"A source of documentation and illustrations of important aspects of medicinal chemistry"

"very useful for the learning experience"

"It allows students to "put their hands on what they learned in class." They can do this repetitively until they grasp a concept."

"animation, interactivity"

"Becoming a very complete resource for drug design and discovery as well as medicinal chemistry. It is wonderful to allow students to visualize interactions of drugs and targets in a 3_D environment"

"It help me to enhance students to understand in medicinal chemistry and its related fields."

"To give a rational and an clear vision of the Molecular modeling in Drug Design"

"Many examples."

"It turns much easier the learning of Drug Design and Molecular Modelling through its interactivity and voice feature."

"a performant tool to learn fundamentals concepts (in group or alone) 3D access to molecules"

"it allows self-study (at one's own tempo)"

and as one of our clients summarized:

"The major advantage is that it exists! So we have the opportunity to use it."

As we promised - one of the responders win a free Standalone Molecular Conceptor License for the year.

. . . and the winner is -

Prof. Sun Choi,
Ewha Womans University,

We would like to thank all the people that participated our survey. May you all have Happy New Year.

Synergix Team.

December 2009