Professional Training with the Molecular Conceptor Learning Series

Computer-aided drug design Computational drug discovery has created many opportunities to accelerate and rationalize the multidisciplinary drug discovery process and has generated an array of new approaches to design drugs. This rise in the use of technology and new methods has increased the medicinal chemist's need for new knowledge and theoretical skills and has highlighted the steep learning curve that they are required to overcome.

The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is an innovative, interactive e-learning solution which provides a comprehensive, professional training environment enabling the medicinal chemist to master a wider range of skills used in drug design. The organised material makes high-level expert knowledge available to the medicinal chemist, enabling him to understand the global vision of a discovery project and effectively use these computational approaches to improve the discovery process.

The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is a unique and professional drug design training platform, designed by leading experts for medicinal chemists. It aims to:

  • develop the professional knowledge and skills of medicinal chemists who are directly involved in drug discovery in order to enhance their contribution to the drug discovery process.
  • fill the knowledge gaps of newly recruited medicinal chemists and accelerate their rational drug design training by giving them a broad exposure to the field and equipping them with the necessary technological skills, which will help to integrate them into the drug discovery team.
  • give an understanding of the principles, concepts, benefits and limitations behind molecular modelling and related techniques and of how these methods, when used effectively, can lead to new insights in the drug design process.
  • improve collaboration, communication and productivity within a multidisciplinary research team - something that is crucial to its success.

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