License Activation

When activating Molecular Conceptor license there are a few steps:


A. The user send us his unique ID

When running Molecular Conceptor - if the program cannot find a valid license, it will offer you to enter your license code.

1. Click the Activation button:

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2. Click the Copy to Clipboard button:

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3. Open your email messaging software (Outlook, Gmail...), Paste there the generated unique ID, and Email us this message.


B. The user gets his license code

Synergix team will send you your license code.


C. The user enters his license code

1. Run Molecular Conceptor again.

2. Copy (Ctrl+C) the license code from the email message Synergix sent you.

3. Click the Paste From Clipboard button:

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3. Click the Apply License button:

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4. Click the Start Program button:

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D. The user verifies his license details

To verify your license details, run Molecular Conceptor and open Help | About menu.

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If you have any problems relating to the activation, please email us and we will be happy to assist you.


Last updated on April 2011