Software Installation

Depending on your license model, Molecular Conceptor can be installed in two different configurations, a single-user Standalone Version or a multi-user Network Version. In this page you will find the instructions for installing and running Molecular Conceptor in both versions.


Molecular Conceptor - Standalone Version

The Standalone version allows to install Molecular Conceptor on individual workstation. For each license you purchase you are sent a CD and a HASP protection key (a small device connected to the USB port). In order to run, the software checks the presence of the key. Therefore to switch between two computer (for example between your home computer and your work computer), you just have to move the key between them.

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A. Molecular Conceptor Standalone Version Installation

To install Molecular Conceptor Standalone Version:

  1. Close all Windows applications.
  2. Insert Molecular Conceptor DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.
    If the "Molecular Conceptor Installation Setup" doesn't automatically run, double-click the 'mc2_setup.exe' program in the root directory of the DVD.
  3. Follow the installation instructions
  4. The Installation program will also install the HASP driver. You might be asked to reboot the computer.
  5. After the completion of the installation program, insert your HASP key into your computer USB port.

B. Running Molecular Conceptor Standalone Version

  • Run Molecular Conceptor via the Start menu:
    Start Menu | Programs | Molecular Conceptor Learning Series | Molecular Conceptor


Molecular Conceptor - Network Version

The Network Version includes all the exciting features of the innovative CD-ROM but can be made accessible across a network. Licence terms allow 10, 20, 50, 100 (or more) users at once to access the software. In this version, a licensing utility (called License Manager) is installed on one of the network computers, and Molecular Conceptor is installed only on a file server or on each client station.

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To install Molecular Conceptor Network Version, you need to install both the License Manager, and Molecular Conceptor programs.

A. License Manager Installation.

  1. Run '[DVDROM_DRIVE]:\mc2_setup.exe', this will start the setup menu application.
  2. Insert the red NetHASP key into the computer.
    Press <ESC> to bypass the driver installation.
  3. In the installation, choose Custom Installation: Network Version then check License Manager (optionally you can also check Aladdin Monitor)
    Follow the instructions.
    For Windows 98 / ME: Select Typical setup type,
    For Windows Server 2008 / Vista / Server 2003 / XP / 2000: Select Service setup type.

B. Molecular Conceptor Network Version Installation

Install on each client station or on a file server
  1. Run '[DVDROM_DRIVE]:\mc2_setup.exe', this will start the setup menu application.
  2. In the installation, choose Custom Installation: Network Version then check Molecular Conceptor and follow the instructions.
  3. 2. Edit 'nethasp.ini' (default location: c:\program files\synergix\mc2\nethasp.ini) Set the IP address of the License Manager Server.

C. Running Molecular Conceptor Network Version

  • For local installation, click Start Menu | Programs | Molecular Conceptor Learning Series | Molecular Conceptor.
  • For file server installation, use a command line, you can optionally specify the user data directory for example:
    %path\synergix\mc2\mc2.exe –pathuserdata "\\users\group A\john\\"

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