Teaching Resources

You are a teacher who teaches a variety of courses in medicinal chemistry, drug design, cheminformatics, bioinformatics and molecular modelling. On top of that you are trying to conduct your research, file grant applications and coordinate the semester’s timetable. You do not have much time to spend creating high-quality lecture material, especially as you are not an expert in all the subjects that you have to teach.
The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series provides a solution to your medicinal chemistry and drug design teaching needs. Worldwide experts in each field have contributed their extensive knowledge on each topic found in the Series and we have invested hundreds of hours into every chapter, to put together and organise the material into a collection of slides which can either be integrated into existing courses or used to build new courses. The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is suitable for use in various educational scenarios and can be adjusted to suit the depth of the course being taught.

Lecture Presentation

Teachers can use the high quality educational material provided in the Molecular Conceptor Learning Series to formulate new lectures, making it easier to present the topics that they want to teach. The lecture course can be customized according to the topics in the curriculum, which allows the teacher to focus more on the actual teaching and less on technical and practical problems when creating educational material.

Student Self-Learning – Directed Study or a Computer Lab Class

The Molecular Conceptor Learning Series is also suited for self-learning either as extra directed study to supplement lecture material or in a computer lab class. The teacher can set their students particular topics to study so that they can refresh their understanding of taught material or familiarize themselves with a new subject. Each chapter concludes with self-assessment quizzes to aid learning of new material.

Here is a list of subjects that our current clients teach using the Molecular Conceptor Learning Series:

  • Medicinal Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Bioorganic Chemistry - Computational Chemistry
  • Protein Structure - Bioinformatics - Homology Modeling of Protein Structures - Molecular Modeling
  • NMR: Concepts and Applications
  • Rational Drug Design - Computer-Aided Drug Design - QSAR in Drug Design
  • Biological sciences - Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences - Organic Chemistry - Biochemistry
  • Cheminformatics - Chemical Databases and Information Retrieval
  • Pharmacokinetics/ADME - Drug Analysis and Development
  • Principles of Drug Action - Pharmacology - New Methods of Application of Drugs