"The molecular-conceptor is an enormously huge and excellent material. It is like a big handbook, but certainly more pictures and movies more effective in demonstration and understanding. I congratulate to this enormous and excellent work to the authors..."
Prof. Gy. BAZSA, Professor of physical chemistry, University of Debrecen

"...I would use the software in, e.g. 2nd year Computational Chemistry Lab, 3rd year Molecular Modeling and 4th year intro to Drug design..."
Prof. James S. Wright Department of Chemistry, Carleton University

"... How could you teach these topics without this software?"
Prof. Robert Glaser' Student - BGU

"As a synthetic organic/medicinal chemist, I will certainly be offering courses in Medicinal chemistry in the next couple of years that could use your product. After inspection, I can see that your product is very good…"
Prof. G.

"To give an overall opinion, I would say that the program was enjoyable and, using their own creative insight, will give students the opportunity to learn something as well. The discussion is thought-provoking and well-presented..."
Jan-Albert van den Berg, QUILL Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast - Cryst. Growth Des. 2002, 2, 678

"It contains excellent material arranged as a series of slides for teaching the concepts of pharmacology/biochemistry/chemistry for drug design with an emphasis on computational methods. Some of the slides are very instructive as they allow interactive rotation, colouring and overlay of molecules...."
Dr. Andreas Kukol, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences, University of Hertfordshire

"I have recieved a demo version of the Molecular Conceptor and I have appreciated it as a good tool for teaching in University."
Prof. Tomás Torroba, Chemistry department, University of Burgos, 09001 Burgos, Spain

"I have just taken a look at "Molecular Conceptor". It is an encyclopedic and thorough tour through many aspects of drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, and I am thus not surprised that you have over 200 universities using this software. For the parts of the demo I saw, the animations and the text work well together in a didactic way that is easy to follow. Much of the material I saw could be used starting at a second year undergraduate level, but much of it should be useful right up to first year graduate school. Another target audience might be students who change fields in graduate school and need to quickly get up to speed on what they may have missed as undergrads... "
John J. Irwin, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California San Francisco.

"Overall it's a great package! I haven't seen a single resource as comprehensive as yours. Kudos to your team!..."
Dr. Debojyoti Dutta - USC.

"I'm a student in the third year of biotechnology in the University of Bari. Today our teacher of pharmaceutical chemistry has shown us this courseware and I was really amazed because it is a very advantageous way to study and understand chemistry."
Ilario De Toma, University of Bari, Italy

"This software will help students visualize three dimensional relationships of molecules that are impossible to illustrate on a two dimensional chalkboard…"
Prof. John D. Buynak, Southern Methodist University

"It looks like a very elegant piece of software that might be quite useful as a teaching tool. Particularly I enjoyed the renin inhibitor story, very well presented…"
Dr. Alexander Wlodawer Chief, Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory - NCI-Frederick

"I think this is the best education resource I have ever seen…"
Bhushan K. Bonde, Oxford Brookes University, UK

"I enjoyed looking up Molecular Conceptor. It will certainly be acceptable for an instruction course of a section of Drug Design of Medicinal Chemistry. It will be extremely useful for graduate level in education and/or new-comer instruction in pharmaceutical industry. The English is very clear so that even non-native English speakers can easily understand. I would like to highly recommend to purchase this courseware to those who are interested in the rational drug design among organic medicinal chemists. Congratulation…"
T. F.

"I am Assistant Professor in Computational Medicinal Chemistry at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of the University of Padova. My principal focus is on molecular modeling techniques and rationale drug design. I found Molecular Conceptor a really potent tool for teaching Drug Design and Molecular Modeling concepts…"
Prof. Stefano Moro, University of Padova

"I was impressed by Molecular Conceptor. Actually, I am preparing a course to be held on a summer academy in Germany. The course will focus on modern drug development methods,including structural biology and molecular modelling techniques. It is almost needless to say that the course is highly likely to benefit from using Molecular Conceptor…"
A. B.

"I am a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Sciences (Pharmaceutical) in the School of Biological and Applied Sciences, here in the University of North London. I had a look at the CD, and I would like to say that it is absolutely brilliant and very much in keeping with my teaching and research interests…"
D. G.

"...It's very nice because it's full of concepts, case studies and techniques for drug design…"
A. M.

"I want to congratulate you on your work in Molecular-Conceptor. I was not familiar with this software until you contacted me. I was impressed after browsing through the evaluation version which presents the concepts very clearly and in an entertaining manner. I will recommend that our department purchases it."
A. M.

"I was impressed to see the quality of your product..."
Dr. C. S.

"I would encourage you to maintain promoting this wonderful product. My students (five enrolled this term) provided me with tremendous feedback both in writing and through communications throughout the term. The graphics, cartoons, latest trends in medicinal chemistry are essential and are perfectly presented in the courseware. Furthermore, navigating through the program and having the opportunity to tune existing lecture material with information on Molecular Conceptor allows for the instructor to either use the product as primary and/or secondary reference material."
D. C. F.

"... I reviewed your product. It is one of the best product I have ever seen on this area."
B. D.

"I was deeply impressed from the format and the quality of the slides. It looks to me like a very serious project."
E. E.

"It has impressive graphics and I think a very nice overview of Med Chem concepts. The organization of the material appears clear and understandable. .....and create a solid foundation in fundamental chemical principles. "
B. M.

For further testimonials from users in the pharmaceutical industry please click here.